Cotton – the highest thread count of human fabric woven together.

Cotton – the etymology of the word is that it originates from the Arabic word

qutn, which was bastardized by the French and became Coton and finally in

late middle English became cotton. Cotton is a fibrous substance which

surrounds a seed and is made into textile and thread.


It is at the core of fabric and clothes society. The human essence, like the

luxurious fabric, is pure and seeks expression in a place it can call home,

where it can reflect, engage, grow, and celebrate. Society, like fabric, is made

up of different strands, coming together for a purpose. That coming together

is the Cotton experience – a celebration of art and culture through music,

whiskey, and social intercourse under the haze and aura of indulgence and

panache. A sanctuary for like-minded individuals in pursuit of the moment.

They will ‘Cotton on’ and experience life’s true purpose – JOY! We dare you

to contribute your strand and definition of joy to this mosaic that is humanity.